TrialExperts understands that in the world of software, intellectual property is everything. Whether it’s the concept of the user interface or the underlying, foundational code that the program is built on, developers want to protect their intellectual property at all costs. So when there’s a possibility that it’s been infringed upon by a competitor or they’re accused of infringing by someone else, they’ll be keen to try and prove their stance as quickly as possible. How do you give your client the assurance that they need to know their intellectual property won’t be threatened? Bring in experts who know the matters best. That’s where TrialExperts comes in.

TrialExperts utilizes their expertise in user interfaces, software architecture, and software development to provide expert testimony on all matters of intellectual property; including evaluating source code, products, and interface designs to analyze and opine on infringement and validity of claims. By doing a complete and thorough audit of the software products in question, TrialExperts can unearth all of this vital information that can have a major sway in your court case.

Do you need additional help verifying or disproving accusations infringement of intellectual property? Bring in experts who’ve worked extensively in software and can sort out these matters in a clear and professional manner. Contact TrialExperts today.