TrialExperts provide extensive and thorough reviews of software and engineering systems compared to patent claims in order to show infringement. In an era where new software and apps are emerging everyday, patents become more necessary to enforce and interpret. Innovations in tech mean the definitions are always changing. It can become unclear for a court or jury to determine what’s covered under a patent given new developments in technology. This means that having an expert witness with a wealth of knowledge in software is now more crucial than ever.

TrialExperts has the skillset to analyse the scope, specification, claims, and prior art, and prosecution history associated with patents in order to help inform theories of infringement.

The TrialExperts team have worked on numerous cases where showing or disproving infringement was central to the case and have deep experience working in the software industry.  Their areas of expertise range from software architecturesoftware development, entertainment, healthcare, mobile computingsimulation, and virtual reality. By hiring in an expert witness from TrialExperts, you’re bringing in a true independent expert to assist you with your case.

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