Dr. Rosenberg and his team at TrialExperts have extensive experience in writing and reviewing software source code for advanced engineering and litigation projects. Throughout their careers, TrialExperts team members have written source code and performed source code review in a variety of programming languages and software platforms.These expert witnesses are proficient in C, C++, C#, and Java programming languages, as well as with embedded, mobile, web, desktop, and server software. Their deep technical knowledge enables them to efficiently review complex code and identify, analyze, and compare source code relevant to patent and litigation claims.

The code review process often requires the expert to sort through millions of lines of code to find where infringement may take place or to find evidence of source code copying on either party’s IP. TrialExperts’ staff has methods to make a potentially painstaking process (that could take far longer than needed) and turnaround quality work efficiently.

TrialExperts will work with the parameters given to them by the attorneys and the court and examine with an unbiased, scientific approach, with the knowledge that these cases will often hinge on the results of these reviews. The TrialExperts team are experts in examining extremely large codebases and extracting the relevant information as quickly and accurately as possible. If you have a case requiring a code review, reach out to TrialExperts today.