TrialExperts have extensive expertise in software architecture, software development, user interface design, human factors, and systems engineering, allowing them to provide a systematic approach in analyzing, identifying, and isolating critical causes for development failures. This includes a detailed analysis of project requirements, design, software architecture, software implementation, software tools, development methodologies, deployment complexities, feasibility, security, and stability, as well as project management and allocation of responsibilities.

When a company has hired another company to build a piece of software and it doesn’t work as expected, this may be considered a software development failure. The experts at TrialExperts have extensive experience in designing and writing software as well as identifying the causes of past software development successes and failures.  Our experts can articulate the various issues to the court utilizing expert reports and expert testimony at deposition or at trial in order to build a strong case, whether you’re the plaintiff or the defendant. The experts at TrialExperts can provide in-depth explanations for the reasons of a software development failure, or alternatively, why the issues in the case do not rise to the level of a software development failure and provide a comprehensive and unbiased account of what went right and wrong on the project.

Does you need an in-depth analysis regarding a potential software development failure? Bring in a team who knows the ins-and-outs of software development.  Contact TrialExperts today.