An opinion doesn’t carry much weight unless it can be backed up with hard evidence and a convincing argument.  The expert report is a critical component in presenting an expert witness’s opinion.

Expert reports are written for the courts, as well as the opposing counsel, and experts. These latter groups can be especially tough to reach, which is why your expert witness must be knowledgeable and articulate. Experts opinions put forth in writing often take the form of a report and other times take the form of a declaration. In either case, it must present strong evidence as well as clear, quality writing. In a patent case, the goal is to teach others, often people with a non-technical background, why a given product or service may or may not infringe on a patent or if the subject patent at issue may or may not be valid in light of prior art.

The independent expert needs to be able to present the technical material in a such a way that makes it easy to understand and provides clarity to those who might not have a technical background. For these reasons, before the report is ever drafted, the expert witness undertakes research on all of the relevant issues, gathering the relevant facts and data that they will need to make their argument in the expert report.

Each of the members of the team of expert witness at TrialExperts are skilled in performing comprehensive expert research and translating it into a clear, well structured, and quality written expert report. Our team of experts effectively communicate the methodology, analysis, basis of opinions, and conclusions that form complete and well structured expert opinions that are embodied in a professional and comprehensive expert report.

Do you need an independent expert witness that can provide you with this level of quality and scrutiny in their expert report? Reach out to TrialExperts today.