In patent lawsuits centered on software and intellectual property infringement, having an expert witness with an extensive and varied background can be a key component to the case for either party. With software cases where the details tend to be more steeped in the underlying technology of an invention, product, design, or service, having an expert witness who can speak to and simplify all of those nuances may prove to be invaluable. The case is made even stronger when it’s an unbiased expert who can look at the code, the patent, and the prior art independently and assist council and the court understand the relevant issues. That’s why you need to include a highly experienced expert witness in your deposition.

Dr. Rosenberg and his team at TrialExperts have been retained on many high-profile cases and have testified in many depositions. Their experience, knowledge, and preparation provides a persuasive and confident expert opinion for your case. They are also highly skilled in providing expert reasoning, sound methodology, and the ability to simplify and teach complex concepts to support opinions and defending against challenges. As expert witnesses, the team at TrialExperts works toward finding the key components that can make or break a case – whether it involves infringement, non-infringement, validity, or invalidity.  If you are involved with high stakes litigation, contact the experts at TrialExperts to and discuss the case and your needs.